A greater experience

We live for sports and to share it with others.

We help teams and leagues to grow their brands.

We make the love for sports to an exciting

and profitable adventure. Simply put,

we create a greater experience

Who we are
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Who we are

SportsEditing is a sports media house

and Scandinavia's leading provider of integrated media solutions

and connected services for sports leagues,

teams and their fans

The Company

Established in 2005.

Both technical and editorial services.

48 dedicated co-workers.

Supplier to SHL, HockeyAllsvenskan, SSL and C More.

Small enough to be agile and personal.

Big enough to take your game to the next level.

The people

Our dedicated team holds experienced

project managers, developers, designers,

web editors, animators, system engineers,

reporters and producers, to mention some.

All of them, skilled and committed

sport fans.

What we do

We support leagues, clubs,
fans, sponsors and advertisers

with unique tools to create and distribute entertainment,

insights, news, information and communication.

Before, during and after every game.

The vision

Every day is game day

We make the game the platform from which

you can build commitment and passion,

economical growth and brand value

- before, during and after every game.


To tailor a solution to precise
customer needs, you require
more than products, more
than technology.

You need customized experience, domain

knowledge and support to make sure your

products becomes that solution. We make it all work.


One single arena or
one complete league

Our solutions are fully adaptable to precise team

or league needs, providing all stakeholders with

efficient tools to interact with its audience.

Designed with a modular approach our

solutions range from single web editing tools

to complete arena network solution.


SportsEditing continuously develops its products and

systems to provide leading edge capabilities that help

leagues and their teams to improve profitability,

grow brand awareness and to provide a greater

experience to the audience.

Ramses Web platform

A Content Management System and a digital

toolbox that facilitates administration, maintenance

and editing of league and team websites. The system

is modular and can grow with mobile applications and

video distribution. Open and closed API ensures

flexible and dynamic possibilities.

Sesam Arena platform

A truly smart and unique media platform that

facilitates distribution of content from a central

server to all arenas included in the system.

Makes everything showed on the arena screens uniform,

creating impact, recognition and high brand awareness

for the league and teams.

We provide

Added values

for the League, the Teams, the Fans, the Partners

and the Sponsors and Advertisers.

For the Teams

Every team has its own history, culture

and identity. But a lot of things are the same.

Like the number of stakeholders, those investing

their time and money, wanting succes in exchange.

Strengthens the Brand

Improves Economy

Improves Advertising/Sponsor/Fans activity

More content - more traffic

Better control over content

Reuse and share content with other clubs

For the Fans

Fans are passionate and devoted, and they

are never off season. They follow their team

every day. They care, every day. They want

the latest news, the updates, the chatter

the gossip and the stats in one place, in one

second. Instantly and easily accessible.

Enhance the experience

Build realtions/loyalty and interact

Create Interest and Commitment

For the League

Increased brand value

Uniform look and feel

Increases Advertising/sponsor value

More and better content

Strong support organisation

For Sponsors & Advertisers

Access to an integrated media platform

Enable adaption of messages - to whom and when

Connection to a strong sports profile

Building Brand and Creating Sales

through sports and fans

For Partners

Access to leading sports markets

Partnering with leading provider

Dynamic platform with system-integration possibilities

Continuous development

Technical collaborations